ASTHO-Mason Collaborative

Jocelyn Carballo

Jocelyn Carballo, the inaugural ASTHO-Mason Collaborative Scholar

Professional Development

Professional development and continuing education programs for public health officials.

Introducing the ASTHO-Mason Collaborative

The ASTHO-Mason Collaborative for Applied Public Health Practice is a groundbreaking initiative to prepare the next generation of research and practice leaders in public health.  The Collaborative exemplifies the intersection of academia and practice through interprofessional and transdisciplinary applied research, workforce training, and executive leadership education.

Together, ASTHO (Association of State and Territorial Health Officials) and George Mason's College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) will create innovative academic programs and training for undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students from various disciplines. In addition, the initiative helps develop the next generation of public health leaders in Virginia and across the country through the Collaborative Scholars program, which is located at ASTHO’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters.

Practitioners benefit from CHHS faculty expertise as well. The Collaborative provides College faculty opportunities to work with ASTHO staff on applied research and evaluation projects with governmental health agencies to improve the public’s health, such as assisting state health agencies in conducting needs assessments and policy evaluations.  Such opportunities will have consequences for the public’s health.

The Collaborative will increase access to public health education and training through student fellowships, innovative curriculum, applied practice and policy research, and academic and continuing education programs for public health students and professionals. Three ASTHO-Mason scholars have received fellowships thus far. 

“The Collaborative reflects the increasing complexity of global public health and the demand for flexible, lifelong learning pathways for public health practitioners and academics. To truly improve the public’s health, students and professionals need innovative, transdisciplinary curricula."

Germaine Louis, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at George Mason University

“Too often research and practice are seen as independent parts of our nation’s public health system. Bringing ASTHO’s strength in working with state and territorial health leaders together with George Mason’s excellence in teaching and research provides a unique chance for our members, students, faculty, and public health partners to innovate and incubate new policy and practice research ideas.”

Michael Fraser, ASTHO’s Chief Executive Officer and Affiliated Faculty Member