Terence R. McKittrick, MS Global Health '14

Terry McKittrickTerrence R. McKittrick, MS '14, is a Senior VP for Business Development, Public Health Division, ICF.

What do you do now?

I am the Senior VP for Business Development within the Public Health division at ICF. ICF is a world leader in professional services and technology solutions supporting governments, major corporations, and multilateral institutions in the execution of their most critical mission activities. We are a global consulting and technology services provider with more than 5,000 professionals focused on making big things possible for our clients. We are business analysts, policy specialists, technologists, researchers, digital strategists, social scientists and creatives. Since 1969, government and commercial clients have worked with ICF to overcome their toughest challenges on issues that matter profoundly to their success.

How do you think your degree at Mason prepared you for where you are now?

In many ways, my degree was a formalization of my work within the public health field and a credentialing within global health specifically. I have spent my career (almost 30 years now!) supporting the U.S. federal government in both information technology and programmatic support for public health programs. I have worked with civilian, military, and veteran’s health departments either supporting direct healthcare delivery, scientific discovery and research, public health and disease surveillance, or underserved communities with specific health concerns. What is beneficial about the MS in Global Health degree is that it provides additional context and understanding to the work I do in support of my clients. It also provides my clients with an understanding of my professional credentials and confidence that I have the appropriate skills to support their specific mission areas.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

I enjoy starting up new programs and supporting the public health mission. Whether the work is domestic or global in nature – public health is critical to society and people everywhere. Providing support to public health agencies and helping them achieve their mission goals is very satisfying work.

Why did you choose Mason?

From a practical point of view it was the best and most convenient place to be able to get my degree while still working full time and supporting my family. GMU was a great place for me to get this degree and was a very positive experience for me both personally and professionally.

What was most surprising or memorable about your Mason experience?

I was really pleased by the quality of the faculty and the passion they brought to the subject matter and the educational experience. I enjoyed working with them and always found them supportive and helpful.

Do you have any advice for students currently in the program?

Get to know both your classmates and your instructors well. Use this as an opportunity to not only make friends, but to establish your professional network.