Join Us on Giving Day to Help Students in Financial Crisis

While all college student experience the stress of grades, internships, and navigating the challenges of higher education, some students at Mason face additional obstacles. Last year alone, 471 Mason students had financial distress so severe that their basic needs of food and secure housing went unmet. 

Did you know...471 Patriots Lacked Basic Necessities Last Year

When faculty and staff in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) started to see these emergency needs within the College, they knew it was time to act. “It is so important for students to stay in school, especially those in the health care field, because we need them in the workforce,” says Odette Willis, a faculty member with the School of Nursing. “When students experience issues and hardships that involve money, it affects their ability to focus on schoolwork and be successful.”

To combat this growing crisis, the College established the CHHS Student Emergency Fund, which provides immediate financial assistance to students facing food insecurity, homelessness, medical emergencies, or family emergencies. To date, the fund has distributed over $2,000 to CHHS students in need, all thanks to donors like Odette. “I fully support the CHHS Student Emergency Fund because it provides students with a financial lifeline to help them stay in the programs of their chosen field,” says Odette.

Join CHHS on Giving Day, Thursday April 2, as we highlight this important fund. Gifts made to the CHHS Student Emergency Fund can help purchase meal plan vouchers and grocery store gift cards to give to students facing food insecurity. They can also be used to provide immediate financial support to students who need to purchase internet access now that they are finishing their classes remotely, those facing unforeseen medical emergencies, or those who need help affording a trip home due to a family emergencies.

Let’s make sure that no CHHS student has to forgo their dream of a health career due to a financial emergency. Make your gift today and support CHHS students in need.

If you know of a CHHS student facing a financial emergency, direct them to the application to receive scholarship funds