Student Spotlight: Precious Ugwu

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Precious Ugwu

My name is Precious Ugwu. I am a second-year graduate student at George Mason University. I graduate in May 2022 with a Master’s degree in public health (MPH), with a concentration in global health. I decided to get involved with Graduate Students for Public Health (GSPH) because I found it to be the best way to interact with people in my field, especially since all my classes were remote.

 After graduate school, my short-term goal is to serve as a researcher in the cancer department at an educational institution or a hospital. Eventually in life, I would like to become a medical doctor. As much as I love collaborating with others to prevent on diseases or illnesses and educate the public about health, I would also love to be able to treat people that were not reached by public health personnel or still had the disease even though they were reached. 

I’m currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for Dr. Michelle Williams, and it’s been an amazing experience. Being a student at Mason has made me realize that I can achieve more than I thought I was capable of. In just my first year of school, I’ve learned how to conduct community-based research, how to work with R studio, how to collect qualitative and quantitative data, and many other skills. I can’t wait to see what Mason has in store for me this semester.