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Danielle Butler's Internship at NIH

September 20, 2019

Danielle Butler at NIH Which institute and office are you in?

I am in the National Institute on Aging (NIA) in the Grants and Contracts Management Branch (GCMB). 

What are you doing for your internship?

I am reviewing grant applications and processing for award as well as preparing grant co-funding commitment worksheets.

How does that tie into your coursework?

This internship relates to my coursework in that I am learning about public health research but through the funding and budget process. This is not something I specifically study at Mason but I find it very interesting. 

How do you think this will help you in your career?

This internship opportunity will help my career as I am able to learn more about the different aspects of public health and explore different career paths. This internship has allowed me to network throughout the NIA and interact with many different individuals.

What did you find most surprising or interesting about your experience in your internship?

On NIA intern day, we were able to tour the campus and it was very exciting. We visited the Neurogenetics laboratory along with the clinical center and children's inn. It was interesting to see how the work completed in GCMB is connected throughout the NIH.