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Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD, MCHES is a researcher, speaker, and veterans’ health advocate. Her research interests focus on mental health and care access for military members. A former Marine, she has authored books on mental fitness and the experiences of women veterans. Her editorials have been featured in the Washington Post, Task & Purpose, and Vox Media, among others. Before coming to George Mason, she was an assistant professor of public health and Charleston Southern University.



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Honors and Awards


  • Jack Warner outstanding alumni award, University of Alabama
  • Research Scholarship, Duke University’s Center for Theology, Health, and Medicine Summer Institute
  • Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year, Charleston Southern University


Consulting Experience

  • Service Women’s Action Network | 2015

    Advisory and research support for SWAN, the largest advocacy organization serving military women in the United States. Professional contributions focus on training, needs assessments, formal program evaluation, and publication of assessment results in peer-reviewed and mainstream venues.

  • Wounded Warrior Project | 2015-2016

    Provided educational seminars to clients both domestically and internationally with a focus on military and veteran personnel. Served as a field site for MSW students from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW).



  • PhD, Health Education and Health Promotion, University of Alabama
  • MS, Health Promotion Management, American University