Amy L. Burke, MSN, RN

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RN Clinical Specialist, Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics

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Phone: 703-993-5880
Location: Peterson 3000
Mailstop: 6C6


Amy Burke, MSN, RN, is the RN Clinical Specialist for the Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics. After a mix of clinical and educator paths in Amy's career, she is glad to be back at George Mason University and the MAP Clinics. She has worked at George Mason in the nursing labs, as a clinical instructor, and coordinating clinical and preceptorship placements for nursing students since 2009. Previously, she taught at the Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania nursing labs. Previously, Amy was the Coordinator of Simulation and Clinical Placement for the School of Nursing and would engage in clinical placement activities for BSN students. She's excited about her continued endeavors to enlighten the future of nursing in our current and future health workforces.

Amy has worked in various positions as a nurse since graduating from Penn State University in 1985. She has specialized in women's health care, focusing on family-centered care, labor and delivery, and prenatal care in various hospitals, clinics, and offices throughout Pennsylvania and Virginia. During her employment at Inova Fair Oaks, she received many Shared Belief nominations from patients, earning her a gold star. During her practicum clinical for her MSN, she developed and presented during nursing grand rounds at Reston Hospital. Her presentation, "Caring for our Young," was developed to help facilitate a therapeutic and nurturing relationship between nursing staff and students in the clinical setting. Continuing education credit was offered for attending this presentation.


  • Masters of Science (MSN), Nursing Education, George Mason University, 2014
  • Bachelors of Science (BSN), Nursing, The Pennsylvania State University, 1985