Angelina Jolie Discusses Alternate Light Sources for Bruise Detection with Mason's Katherine Scafide

Angelina Jolie and Katherine Scafide use alternate light source to detect bruising in darker skin.

Filmmaker and humanitarian Angelina Jolie met with Dr. Katherine Scafide, of  Mason’s College of Health and Human Services School of Nursing, to discuss Scafide’s research on Alternate Light Sources (ALS). Dr. Scafide’s ALS technology helps identify hard-to-see bruising in darker skin tones, where it may be otherwise difficult or impossible to detect. Jolie referenced Dr. Scafide’s research in her work on reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Scafide’s ALS research was featured in Angelina Jolie's appearance on the NBC Nightly News, highlighting the role ALS can play in detecting bruising in darker-skinned individuals.  

  • Jolie's interview can be found here, courtesy of NBC News.
  • More about Dr. Scafide's research can be found here.