Newly Admitted Students

Join Us to Improve Health and Well-Being for All

Congratulations on your offer of admission to George Mason University and the College of Public Health! We look forward to you pursuing your studies with us. Let's get started with these 5 easy steps. 

1. Accept the Offer of Admission

  • Graduate Students: After accepting an offer of admission, newly admitted students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator to discuss course registration and a plan of study.  
  • Undergraduate Students: Admitted freshmen and transfer students must first accept the offer of admission through the university Office of Admissions.
  • BSN Students: Students admitted for the BSN program must also submit a confirmation of enrollment by the deadline posted in their offer letter to to insure a space in the program. 

2. Attend Orientation

  • Graduate Students: The College of Public Health hosts a graduate student orientation for all newly admitted students each fall and spring. You will receive details via email approximately one month prior to the date of the event, and you can check out the Graduate Student Orientation page for more information.
  • Undergraduate Students: All admitted undergraduate students who have confirmed their offers of admission will be invited to attend a university orientation program. Students entering the RN to BSN or Co-enrollment nursing programs will complete an online orientation prior to registering for classes. Students in all other programs must attend an on-campus orientation.
  • College 101 Orientation (pdf).

3. Access University Services

  • Activate Your Patriot Pass: In order to access university services, systems and resources, you must activate your Patriot Pass. This username and password will allow you to access your Mason email account, My Mason (Blackboard), and log in to Patriot Web where you can register for classes. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to obtain a Mason photo ID and parking permit.
  • Enrollment and More: The Office of the Registrar has information about enrollment procedures, drop and add deadlines, and commonly used forms for student academic actions.

4. Communicate and Stay Connected

  • Update Your Contact Information: Please update your address and other contact information in Patriot Web to insure you receive all relevant communications from the college and university. All email correspondence from the university will be sent to your official Mason email account, so please activate it and check it regularly.
  • Sign Up for Mason Alerts: Students should also sign up for Mason Alert, a service provided by the university to keep students informed of emergency information for all campuses and the surrounding area.

5. Tap Into Helpful Resources  

  • Student Resources: Check out our Student Resources page for links to various support services and important offices around campus.
  • Join the Discussion on Social Media: Follow the College of Public Health (@MasonPublicHealth) to stay in the loop on events, career opportunities, and important College news.