Population Health Center: Clinical Care

Male Nursing Student

Students receive practical experience providing care at the Population Health Center.

“Our community partners – the employers, service providers, and agencies—will play an integral role in delivering interprofessional care at the Population Health Center by bringing their unique lens into community. That’s where the problem-solving begins.”

Rebecca Sutter, Director of Clinical Care, The Population Health Center



Male Nursing Student

The Population Health Center provides clinical care for underrepresented populations.

The Population Health Center is home to the 10th Mason and Partners Clinic and will serve as a hub for delivering interprofessional care and addressing the social determinants of health. It will have an initial focus on needs among vulnerable and underserved populations, such as mental health and substance use disorders; food and housing insecurity; and prescription affordability and will later be expanded to additional populations.

Co- located community partners such as NOVA ScriptsCentral, Northern Virginia Family Services, and Partnership for Healthier Kids will deliver wrap-around services in a Kaiser Permanente Community Wellness Hub located within the Population Health Center, made possible by a grant from Kaiser Permanente. Grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration— allows students to deliver interprofessional care for underserved populations in Northern Virginia and beyond.