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Jack Hadley's current research focuses primarily on issues related to costs and efficiency in the Medicare program. One study is investigating the sources of variations in Medicare and total medical care spending per Medicare beneficiary, and whether there are subsequent effects on changes in beneficiaries' health. Two other projects link data from national surveys of physicians and insurance claims from their Medicare patients to study the relationships between Medicare fees and the supplies of physicians' services and, more broadly, the effects of physicians' financial incentives on the cost, quality, and efficiency of care provided to their Medicare patients. Another study in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute will investigate methodological issues in using observational data to evaluate the outcomes of alternative cancer treatments for elderly patients. 

Building on this research, he plans to focus his teaching activities around policy and research issues in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Possible future studies include the effects of practice and market characteristic son the cost of care received by high-cost Medicare patients, who account for a substantial share of Medicare's total spending, and the effects of physicians' financial incentives on treatments and outcomes of Medicare patients with back/spine disorders. 

Dr. Hadley's past research has emphasized empirical analysis of various issues in health care organization and financing. He has conducted studies of the financing and costs of care used by the uninsured, the determinants of health insurance coverage, the consequences of being uninsured, access to care, physician and hospital payment, medical education financing, hospital efficiency, assessment of the outcomes of medical treatment, and the effects of managed care on health care delivery systems. Much of his work has analyzed large data bases such as national household and physician surveys, Medicare claims and national hospital data in order to understand patient, provider, and system responses to policy changes.

Dr. Hadley co-authored the report, "New Forms of Primary Care Practice Organization and the Care of Cancer Survivors," with Dr. John Cantiello, Department of Health Administration and Policy. Jack Hadley, PhD was supported by a Research Scholar Grant - Insurance, RSGI-13-150-01- CPHPS from the American Cancer Society.

Read the report (pdf) and appendix (pdf).


Research Interests

  • Health services research and policy

  • Costs and efficiency in the Medicare program  


  • PhD, Economics, Yale University
  • MPhil, Economics, Yale University
  • BA, Economics, Brandeis University